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21st Century,

We are facing the question of “sustainability.”

The earth environment is changing rapidly, depletion of resources are being warned.

An era has come in which human activities will influence your future.


While various measures were being taken, freefrom focus on the field of “food”.

“Food” involves every single person on the planet,

fosters culture, enriches life, and can bring happiness.


However, the "food" also has been questioned for its sustainability.

The current food system has a vast environmental footprint.

It is a major cause of international environmental problems such as global warming, deforestation and water pollution.


Similarly, the economic aspect of sustainability in food cannot be ignored.

The local food industry in Japan continues to shrink.

There are many places where the scenery of deserted shopping streets is now not unusual.


freefrom seeks the solution in "plant-based.”


Moving to a plant-based diet reduces the environmental impact,

which is scientifically proven to be the most effective way that individuals can do.
Even at the national level, plant guidelines start to be incorporated into dietary guidelines.


Also, looking at all over Japan

there are any attractive plant-based “foods” buried with history and story.
If we spotlight these, they shall become a breakthrough to the Japanese food industry.


However, the plant-based flow has not been developed in Japan yet.


freefrom considers this situation to be caused by intangible barriers such as fundamental low awareness and tangible barriers where there are no accessible options in society in the first place, and business development aims at eliminating both of these barriers.


freefrom is addressing to bring the plant-based, which will be the future direction of the world, into Japan and to connect the Japanese plant-based to overseas,
which is a step to be free from the chain of "no" sustainability.




-The world largest vegetarian platform “HappyCow” Japan representative


-Management of the inbound vegetarian platform “vegmate 素伴” 
Restaurant registration is here


Supporting your F&S and manufacture business success into plant-based industry


​Support Overseas Business Advance in Japan

-The largest vegetarian movement in Asia “Green Monday” Japanese representative
​Restaurant Program registration is here

-The plant-based meat “OmniMeat” Japanese representative



-Support branding vegetarian/vegan products/outlets for domestic and overseas markets





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The first Asian born plant-based meat OmniMeat® (オムニミート) arrived in Japan.


Green Monday, a social venture that is expanding its activities by tackling food insecurity, health issues, and climate change while collaborating with governments and private companies in more than 30 countries in Asia, Europe and North America officially launching the plant-based meat "OmniMeat" in Japan.

Vegetarian & vegan search app"HappyCow" has officially advanced its monumental step into Japan.


HappyCow, the world largest vegetarian and vegan restaurants search app, has executed the exclusive agency agreement in Japan with freefrom Inc.


Press Release is here

Launch the integrated platform for vegetarian/vegan inbounds "素伴 vegmate"


In response to the further expansion of vegetarian inbound increasingly coming to Japan, we officially launched the integrated platform for vegetarian/vegan inbounds "素伴 vegmate."


Press Release (JPN) is here



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